Donna Gunter Instant Sales Accelerator for Microbusinesses

I help established professional and service business owners instantly accelerate sales by creating their own published expert book.

When it comes to marketing your business, a book is an incredibly powerful marketing asset. 

The key is creating an intentional process to turn your book into more leads and paying clients and accelerate the sales process so you can stop the client chase and become the obvious choice for your prospects. That's my superpower. I'm Donna Gunter, and I'd love to help you create a 24-hour salesperson with your own expert book.

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Join the Top 3% of Business Owners with Instant Sales Accelerator Books to Convert More Prospects to Customers

Many small service business owners and professionals struggle to differentiate themselves and their businesses to stand out from the competition. Being part of the sea of sameness does little to make you and your business unique.

That's why I have developed a simple system, the Instant Sales Accelerator Book System, to enable business owners to rise above the competition and become the obvious choice in their industry or geographic area by creating a short sales accelerator book in just 60 days.

These books are typically 75-100-pages, and my Instant Sales Accelerator Book System guarantees that you avoid all the traditional hassles and the massive amount of time needed to write a traditional book. Think of this book as marketing material that serves as your 24-hour salesperson or your $4 business card.

Books created in my Instant Sales Accelerator Book System are designed to be read in about an hour and provide a solution to a problem you solve for your clients and customers in an easy-to-read, bite-sized format. Think of it almost like an introductory sales meeting you'd have with your perfect prospect.

Books created in my Instant Sales Accelerator Book System also offer “active” and “passive” calls-to-action, which are an effective asset to create an evergreen lead generation funnel for your business.

For 95% of the business owners who want to author a book and use it as the most effective marketing tool that combines and exceeds the "rememberability" of a business card, postcard, brochure, or pamphlet, creating your own Instant Sales Accelerator Book lets you create more profit in less time!

If you're ready for a reliable, affordable, and brand spanking NEW Instant Sales Accelerator book that CONVERTS (without paying a king's ransom) in just 60 days, click the button below to book your FREE 30-minute Book Profit Plan Session.

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DFY Instant Sales Accelerator Book

Have your Instant Sales Accelerator book completely done for you!

Branded Booklets

We help real estate agents, fitness trainers, gym owners, coaches, and therapists with branded booklets that keep you top of mind with your customers.

Get Your Book Outlined VIP Day

Work with us in a 1:1 basis to help get your expert lead generation book outlined in a VIP Day.

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About Donna Gunter


Instant Sales Accelerator for Microbusiness Owners

I help seasoned small business owners create marketing ideas and strategies that raise their visibility, broaden their reach, and grow their revenues.

As a business owner with 24 years of experience, I am the cure for you if you have run out of marketing creativity. I have a unique ability to sense or see the underlying scheme of things, whether it's like a blueprint to build something or an x-ray that shows hidden connections, and connect the dots at a deeper level. I make it really Easy. Enjoyable. Effective. Just like your marketing will be.

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